Meeting the love of my life ! 


I still remember my 1st time meeting the love of my life back in 2013 like yesterday! I was suspicious and curious! I went with my friends to one of the few restaurants here in Cairo that serve Sushi and they ordered their favorites rolls.

The waiter served 4 soya sauce dishes/soya sauce bottle and chopsticks! One of my friends asked him to bring easy chopsticks!” Interesting there is easy chopsticks and hard chopsticks”; said in my mind.

And the moment of the truth , when I saw the waiter coming over with the order and placed it on the table! My friends were busy talking and I was very passionate to try it without asking what to start by! As I am a desserts’ person, my eye spotted something green looks like a frosting! Yummy! I took the chopstick which I don’t know how to use it but I used to get a big bite of this frosting and I swallowed it in one move! I suddenly felt a great heat storm in my throat to the extent I could not tell my friends that I need water, to call the emergency or to ask for any help! I am obviously dying! They did not even notice me moving my hand because they were very busy discussing a very dynamic topic! 2 to 3 minutes, I came back to life and ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you the “Wasabi”.

After this dramatic experience, I am happily sharing with you all some guidelines in your journey with Sushi upon my own experience and hopefully it will help anyone who does not know what to do in the adventure of trying new exotic food in my sushi articles’ series.

This is my 1st time sushi experience, Share with me yours. Hopefully will be less dramatic!!  


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